When Workers' Compensation Rulings Don't Go Your Way

Hurt workers can encounter problems when they get hurt at work. You may be surprised when the insurer fails to approve your claim or makes an adverse ruling against you. Read on and review some common issues injured workers must put up with after a work injury. The insurer ruled against you because the accident occurred elsewhere. Unfortunately, this is a common problem for hurt workers. However, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits if the injury happened while performing work duties. [Read More]

What Gives A Personal Injury Case A Fighting Chance?

Many folks who might have personal injury claims worry that their cases may not be strong enough to have a chance. A personal injury lawyer will want to examine several aspects of a case before telling you what they might think of it. If you're wondering about the odds of a successful claim, it's worth looking at these three areas. Identifiable Defendant One of the most essential parts of filing a claim is the ability to identify a defendant. [Read More]

What Are The Potential Defenses Against Deportation?

The prospect of the government suddenly deporting you can be scary. However, you might be able to present one of several defenses to either delay or halt the process. A deportation defense lawyer will usually tell their client to make one of these 5 arguments. The Government Is Wrong It is possible the government just plain made a mistake. Maybe a database misclassified a person as living illegally in the U. [Read More]

Questions Your Divorce Lawyer May Ask You In Preparation For Your Case

If you've been considering a divorce, you may have come to the point where you want to schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney to assess the situation and determine how you should proceed. Most divorce consultations are pretty standard, and there are a few traditional questions that you should be prepared to answer. Here's a look at some of the things that a divorce lawyer will want to know before deciding whether or not to take your case. [Read More]