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What Are The Differences Between State And Federal Bail Bonds?

There are several types of bail bonds. For example, you have to use different types of bonds for state and federal crimes. What are the differences between the two?

State Bail Bonds: What to Know

If you need to help someone get a state bail bond, then their crime will have broken state laws but not federal ones. So, their case will take place in a state court. Every state sets its own bail requirements.

Defendants usually have to meet fewer bail conditions on a state level. They might simply have to commit to turning up for their court appearances. Regional bail amounts are also often lower than federal bail, especially for misdemeanor offenses or minor crimes.

So, state bail bonds are usually less expensive than federal bonds. Bail bondsmen can charge less for their services because they deal with lower bail amounts and fewer conditions and risks.

Federal Bail Bonds: What to Know

If someone is charged with a federal crime, then their offense might have broken both federal and state laws. However, sometimes, they might have broken a national law that doesn't apply in their state.

These cases are heard in federal courts whose judges set bail amounts. These amounts are often higher than state bail even for similar crimes.

People also often have to meet more bail conditions to get out of jail before a federal court case. For example, a court might add drug testing and travel restrictions to a bail application. As well as turning up in court, defendants commit to meeting these conditions. If they don't, then they forfeit their bail money.

These factors increase bail bond services costs. Federal cases are often more complex and usually involve higher bail sums. Companies also take on more risk with federal defendants. They are often seen as a higher flight risk than state defendants.

So, you can expect to pay higher fees for these bail bonds. You also usually have to make collateral guarantees to cover these increased risks. You might need to have an additional court hearing to prove that the source of bail funding is legal and recoverable.

While all local bail bond services offer state bail bonds, some might not work in the federal system. If you need to post bail for someone who has been charged with a federal crime, then you need to find a company with experience in this area. To find out more, contact bail bond companies.