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Are You Being Threatened By An Ex? What To Know

Parents that split up will be forever linked by their children. Child custody and visitation matters are often emotional and heartbreaking for all concerned. However, a parent who fears parental kidnapping may need to do more than just try to get along with their ex. Read on for what you need to do when you feel that your spouse will leave with your child.

Take Threats Seriously 

If an ex is making threats about taking your child and leaving the area, it's time to take action. It's better to take assertive action rather than wait for something awful to happen. Even if your spouse has no intention of carrying out the threat, being threatened is a warning sign of an ex that thinks it's okay to make that type of threat.

Taking Action

Speak to your divorce or family law attorney about the threats. They may advise you to keep a record of them if you can safely do so. Take the below actions as well:

  • Don't be goaded into disagreements. Your ex may be mentally unstable and become unpredictable. That can be dangerous for both you and your child.
  • When an ex is making threats, it's usually centered around an issue. It might be a custody issue or child support, for instance. Be sure you understand the issue in contention.
  • You can either stay cool or escalate the situation with what you say. You don't need to tell them that you are taking action. Doing so could goad them into leaving with your child right away.
  • If you are certain that your ex is planning to take your child and leave the area, seek a safe place to go. Take your child and arrange for a safe place to leave any pets as well. Unstable people have been known to hold pets hostage to get what they want.
  • Let your friends and loved ones know about the threats. You may need their help and it's better to get their support now.
  • If you have been threatened, speak to your lawyer about a restraining order. The law varies but some states require more than a verbal threat for an order to be issued and enforced.
  • Ask for a hearing before the judge to have your ex prevented from taking your child on overnight visitation. If the behavior warrants, you may also ask the judge to temporarily halt all types of visitations.

Don't be passive and hope it won't happen.

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