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What To Do If You've Been Falsely Accused Of Committing Domestic Violence Against Your Spouse

You might feel strongly about domestic violence. You might be against it, and you might have never imagined that you would be accused of committing domestic violence against the person you love. However, you might have found yourself in this situation, since you might have been accused of committing domestic violence against your spouse. Now, you might be scared about what is going to happen, and you might not know about what you should do. Even though this is a difficult situation to be involved in, following these steps after a false accusation can help you.

Hire a Bail Bondsman

If you are arrested for domestic violence, you will probably want to get out of jail as soon as possible. Depending on the state that you live in and the specific charges that you're accused of, you might have to be held in jail for a certain length of time as a required hold. However, hiring a bail bondsman will help you get out of jail as soon as possible, and it will help make things more affordable. Plus, you'll probably appreciate having a professional by your side to help you with getting out of jail.

Seek Legal Help

If you are charged with domestic violence charges, it's imperative to seek legal representation as soon as possible. For one thing, you should hire a criminal lawyer to help you with your criminal charges. Additionally, you may want to find a family lawyer to help you with things like getting legally separated -- and then divorced -- from your spouse.

Document Everything‚Äč

It is important to document everything and provide your lawyer with as much information as possible. Keep any text messages and emails from your spouse, and write down what actually happened on the day that you were accused of abusing your spouse.

Stay Away From Your Spouse

If you are arrested for domestic violence, there's a good chance that you will be told to stay away from the alleged victim until the court case has been handled. It's important to stick to this so that you don't get re-arrested and so that you don't find yourself facing additional criminal charges. Now might be a good time to stay with a family member or friend -- or to book a hotel room -- until the situation has been taken care of or until you can find a house or apartment for yourself. Look into spousal abuse for more information.