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You May Be Entitled To Compensation For An Intubation Error

Intubation is a medical practice that must be carried out properly. When you are undergoing surgery, you must receive an adequate amount of oxygen. Failure to receive enough oxygen can lead to injury or death. If you have become injured as a result of a general anesthesiologist failing to properly intubate you, a medical malpractice attorney may be able to help you file a successful claim.

How Intubation Works

When you undergo surgery, you will need to undergo general anesthesia. A tube needs to be inserted so that you can receive a sufficient amount of oxygen. Unfortunately, tubes are sometimes not inserted correctly, and you may not receive enough oxygen. When the tube is not inserted properly, your airway might become damaged as well. 

If you did not receive enough oxygen, you might wake up and have nerve damage or you may even suffer brain damage. You will need to speak with a medical malpractice attorney immediately to determine whether you have a case and to get to the bottom of it.

After the Surgery

You might wake up from the surgery and have a sore throat. This does not mean that you were the victim of an intubation error, but you may later discover that the pain hasn't gone away or has gotten worse. Contact your doctor about whether there are steps you'll need to take to treat these symptoms. 

If you have injuries that cannot be explained, you will need to seek legal counsel. While your doctor might try to shield themselves from legal liability, a medical malpractice law firm will have expert witnesses who can conduct an investigation into your surgery to determine if something went wrong with the intubation. 

How to Know if You Have a Case

Even if a surgery doesn't go exactly how you expected, this doesn't necessarily mean that you have a claim against the surgeon or the anesthesiologist. However, if one of the parties involved in the surgery took an action that a reasonable participant would not take, that party would be responsible for any damages you have suffered.

If you need any further treatment, you may receive compensation for these medical expenses. You will be entitled to compensation for lost wages if you were not able to work and lost future wages. The income you may have earned over your lifetime can be included in your settlement, as well as your pain and suffering.