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Nursing Home Abuse: Investigative Steps Your Attorney Will Take

It can be incredibly heart wrenching to have suspicions that your loved one has become the victim of nursing home neglect and abuse. What is even more heartbreaking is the fact that your loved one may not even be aware of the fact that he or she is being neglected or abused and be unable to assert his or her legal rights. More often than not, it is the responsibility of the family members to be aware of the signs and to assert those legal rights. In the event that you do this, you may want to know what steps will be taken by an attorney to investigate nursing home neglect and abuse. Keep reading to learn more.

An Attorney Will Interview Any Witnesses

Your lawyer will likely begin by interviewing the person who is the victim of the neglect or abuse, assuming that this individual has the ability to communicate with him or her. In addition, the attorney will also interview friends and family members who may have witnessed the alleged treatment or who may have observed changed in the psychological or physical condition of your loved one.

An Attorney Will Interview Current and Former Employees

It goes without saying that your lawyer will conduct interviews with current employees of the nursing home. However, he or she will also conduct interviews with former employees who no longer work at the nursing home. Many of these employees will be more likely to offer up information regarding the way that the nursing home operates since they have nothing to lose, so to speak. They can provide information as to how residents are treated in general as well as the general practices of the nursing home. If they worked there while your loved one was there, they may be able to provide information about how he or she was treated.

An Attorney Will Review Nursing Home Records

Your attorney will likely request a copy of a variety of records from the nursing home, including inspection and survey reports, as these records will provide information as to any violations that the nursing home received from the state. These records can provide powerful evidence of neglect and abuse.

An Attorney Will Review Medical Records

In addition to the nursing home's records, your attorney will want to review the medical records of your loved one. During this review, your lawyer will be looking for any signs of failure to treat, medical errors being made, and failing to provide sufficient nutrition and hydration. He or she will also be looking for any signs that nurses or doctors deviating from the standard of care. Financial records will also likely be reviewed.

For more information on what steps your attorney may take or what you need to do if you suspect nursing home abuse, contact a personal injury attorney in your area. To learn more go to website to learn more.