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Tips For Dealing With A Dental Injury From A Legal Perspective

Studies show that some $500 million is allocated to dental injuries each year. People get injuries from direct damages when they suffer physical trauma. They also suffer damages from botched dental appointments. If you happen to suffer a dental injury, you'll also need the help of a dental injury attorney that can look out for you. Here's what you need to know. 

What kinds of dental injuries are the most common? 

On a yearly basis, emergency dentists rack up about $2 billion in charges. Some of the most common forms of dental injuries that you might experience include cracked teeth and broken teeth, severe chronic pain in your gums and teeth, broken dental crowns, and missing fillings. You may also deal with severely cut up gums that require stitches or the need for emergency implants. 

What are some of the medical procedures you'll get and how does this account for legal damages?

In many cases, you'll need to go into dental surgery that requires anesthesia. Your dentist may need to get lab work, will need to take x-rays, and will have to craft prosthetics that are accurate with a short turnaround time. All of these are medical bills that will quickly add up. You might pay between about $200 and $600 for a dental surgery.

Aside from dental bills, you may accrue damages due to lost work and the long-term effects of the injury, which could include trauma and pain and suffering. 

How can I get help from a dental injury lawyer?

Consult with some dental legal professionals that understand the magnitude of these cases. They have the resources to breakdown the aspects of your case and how they matter from a legal perspective. 

For instance, are you suing for dental negligence or for an injury you suffered at work or in your everyday life? If you're suing your dentist, you'll need to prove that duty existed and that they breached their duty. From there, you'll need to show the damages that you've suffered. Many of these cases result from dental implants, orthodontics, and bad amnesia.  

Negligence is something that you'll have to prove either way, and your dental injury lawyer will use their knowledge of case law to help you win in court or get a settlement. 

Lawyer contingency fees add up to about 33 percent, and it's a fee that is taken out at the conclusion of the court case. 

Use these tips when you have a dental injury case.