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Making Changes To Your Child Support Order: What You Should Know

When your child support order comes through court, both parents must abide by the findings of the order. At some point, the order may need modifications when there is a change in either income or circumstances. Modifications can be either temporary or permanent. If you need a child support modification, you need to know the following:

Gather Your Financial Paperwork

To start the modification, you need to provide some paperwork to the court so the changes can be made. This is the primary evidence required for a change in your child support. Your paperwork should include your pay stubs from all your income streams. You will need to provide stubs from several months to show how your income has changed. You also need to provide your tax returns, bank statements, investment statements, and the like.

Provide Proof of Changes to Your Circumstances

You also need to show evidence that your expenses have changed your financial circumstances to the point where you need a modification. This includes your insurance premiums, medical statements if your health has contributed to the changes, daycare expenses, and your everyday expenses if they have changed drastically.

Provide a Child Support Proposal

In addition to your evidence, you need to provide a proposal for the modification. This is a document that shows the child's other parent your reason for the modification. It will also provide an outline as to how your child support payments will change overall due to your circumstances. You then have to submit the proposal to your state's family court to start the negotiation process.

Before you submit your proposal, it is highly suggested you allow your attorney to look at it first. Doing so will help eliminate any incorrect information and include information you may not have realized was pertinent to the modification. Your attorney will also make sure you know what you are asking for, as the process is complex and you want to be as complete as possible, so you do not have to go through the process again.

You must be very thorough when you attempt to make changes to your child support order. This is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. Also, be sure to be completely transparent when you make your proposal. If you are found to be acting fraudulently, you can face a serious consequence, including perjury. This can lead to a major fine and even jail time.

For more information, contact a child support attorney near you.