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Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Attorney Who Has Experience As An Insurance Attorney

It's always a good investment of your time to interview a number of personal injury attorneys after you've had an accident. Even if you're eager to hire someone and begin the pursuit of justice, due diligence to find the right attorney is a step that will frequently pay off. There are many important questions to pose to each attorney you consult, but you shouldn't forget to ask if an attorney has experience as an insurance attorney. Just as prosecutors sometimes "change sides" in their careers and become criminal defense attorneys, there are legal professionals who are practicing injury law after a career working for insurance companies. Here are some reasons that an attorney with this role on his or her resume will be a good fit for you.

They Know How Much An Insurance Company Will Pay

A major benefit of hiring a personal injury attorney who has experience working for insurance companies is that they will know how much insurance companies are often willing to pay to avoid going to trial. The amount that companies will agree to pay plaintiffs depends on a number of elements, and on the amount itself. Whereas an inexperienced attorney might ask for too little in a demand letter, an attorney with experience working with insurance companies may be more aggressive in asking for more, thus helping you to get a larger settlement.

They Understand Insurance Companies' Strategies

An attorney who has worked for insurance companies to defend lawsuits brought by accident victims will have developed an understanding of insurance companies' strategies in this situation. For example, the attorney will understand what methods an insurance company's legal representation will resort to in order to fight a personal injury case. This could include an aggressive approach during a discovery session or even a motion to dismiss the case. If your attorney understands these strategies, they can help you combat them. 

They Know How Long These Cases Can Take

A new attorney might be so eager to get justice for you that they rush through the process and get caught off guard by how long personal injury cases can often take. Conversely, an attorney who has worked as an insurance attorney knows that these cases can drag on significantly, and that insurance companies may even use stalling tactics in an effort to frustrate the plaintiff. With this knowledge, the attorney will be able to give you realistic feedback about what you should expect moving forward.

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