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Filing A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit? How To Get The Compensation You Deserve

Did a recent visit to the doctor end up causing you physical pain or mental anguish due to negligence? If so, you could have a viable medical malpractice lawsuit on your hands. These types of lawsuits are best handled by a lawyer with experience in the field, and they help represent you in court and negotiate with insurance companies. That said, there are still some things you must do on your part to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Take A Lot of Photos

When the result of a doctor's negligence is a physical injury, you'll want to take a lot of pictures to document the injury and how it is healing. Since a lawsuit can take many months to finalize, these photos will be the crucial evidence used to show others the extent of your injury.

The key to documenting the injury is to take photos that show a progression. Only having initial photos of the injury won't be enough, since it doesn't show that it is an injury that wasn't healing properly. For example, make it a habit to take weekly photos of your injury, even after it has completely healed to cover all of your bases.

Keep An Injury Recovery Diary

Medical malpractice can also leave injuries that others cannot see. In order to document these, it is important that you keep a diary that states how you're feeling on a daily basis. There are some specific things you'll need to write about every time. This includes:

  • How you are feeling both mentally and physically each day
  • Any medications you are taking each day as well as the dose and frequency.
  • Any physical therapy, counseling, or doctor appointments that you went to.
  • A general summary of the injuries that you have and if they are healing poorly or well.

For those that are working, you'll want to record what your lost wages were for that day as well. If you are a salaried employee, this is quite easy to do, but if you work an hourly job, you should try to use a historical average of what your hours could have been.

These are just two key components to getting the compensation you deserve from a medical malpractice case. For more advice, speak with a local lawyer that specializes in these types of cases, such as those found at Shaevitz Shaevitz & Kotzamanis. It could be your key to winning your case in court.