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Three Tips To Avoid A DUI This Holiday Season

Unfortunately, the holiday season is when many DUIs occur. The reason being that it's an exciting time of the year, many people drink to celebrate, and there are many people who don't normally drink until this time of year and don't know what their limit is. For this reason, you need to know these three tips to avoid getting a DUI this holiday season:

Don't Plan to Drive

If you know that you are going to be drinking, make plans not to drive. This can either be to call a taxi or Uber to drive you to and from where you are going to be or you can make plans to spend the night at whoever's home you are going to be at. Of course, you need to plan accordingly. If you are going to be drinking on a busier time of the year, such as Christmas Eve, Christmas day, Thanksgiving, or New Year's Eve, then you may need to call a taxi ahead of time to schedule them to pick you up. You also need to be sure that whoever's home you are going to be staying at does not plan on having other people stay the night. This way, you can be sure that there is room for you and you are not going to be overstaying your welcome during this busy time of year. 

Know the Limit

If you do plan on driving, but also plan on having a drink or two, you need to be sure that you are working to keep yourself under the legal limit, which ensures that you continue to stay in a safe state to drive. You can do this by drinking water in between drinks, eating, and drinking any alcoholic beverage slowly. You should also stop drinking about an hour before you plan on driving home. 

Be Aware While Driving

Even though you should always be aware while driving, it's even more important when you have been drinking. Keep the music down, don't make risky, last-minute decisions, such as running through a yellow light, and always drive the speed limit. Not only will this ensure that you avoid getting pulled over, but it also keeps you and the people you are sharing the road with safe. On top of this, if you are drinking during a holiday weekend or on a holiday itself, you need to avoid the chance of getting hit by other potential drunk drivers on the road. 

When you know these three tips, you can be sure that you avoid a DUI this upcoming holiday season, thus ensuring that you can actually enjoy your holidays without the stress of a DUI hanging over your head.