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Dealing With Insurance Denial After An Auto Accident? Get A Lawyer Fast

Have you been dealing with an insurance company to pay for a destroyed vehicle and medical bills when you were a victim in an accident, and you aren't getting anywhere with your claim? If so, you want to talk with a lawyer that specializes in insurance denial issues.

Often insurance companies will ignore claims, put them off, or try to find a way to deny the claim so they don't have to release any funds. This isn't fair, and you need to pursue your case. When you meet with your lawyer, try to have all of the necessary information.

Documented Contact Attempts

If you have proof that you have tried to get in contact with representatives from the company, bring that information. Proof of this information can include the following:

  • Phone records with outgoing calls to the insurance provider's main line and to direct extensions of agents
  • Email messages to agents
  • Submitted messages to the main website
  • Letters mailed via certified mail

If you have any of these things, it shows that you went out of your way to try to contact the insurance provider several times and that they were blatantly ignoring you.

Denial Paperwork

How was the denial of your claim issued? Did you receive an electronic message that said your claim was denied and your case was being closed, or did they send a letter in the mail? Bring this document so the lawyer can see that you were denied and that the insurance company had no intention of paying you anything.

Vehicle Damages

The vehicle repair statements and appraisals should be submitted so your lawyer knows what type of damage was done to the car, and how much it cost you to fix if you already had to pay it out of pocket. If you needed a rental car during that time, the bill should be included as well.

Medical Records and Statements

The bills and proof of your injury are also important for the case, and you should have all the records to give your attorney. If these are just what you have so far and there are more to come, then you'll want to talk about the potential expenses with your lawyer.

Your insurance company, or the insurance company of the other driver, has to pay for what happened. If you get your claim and case denied, get a lawyer right away to get the situation handled and to get compensation. For more information, contact professionals like Bidegaray Law Firm LLP.