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4 Ways An Elder Law Attorney Can Help You

If you have a parent who has reached the age of 65, there are going to be some legal issues that come up in the future that revolve around their care, finances, and more. It's important to consider talking to your parent about meeting with an elder law attorney who can help your parent and the rest of the family determine the best way to approach their care and financial protection. Here are four more specific ways an elder law attorney can help:

  1. Avoid Financial Exploitation:  Every year, new methods are taken out by criminals to rob innocent elderly people of their money. It's important that your elderly parent is aware of what the current trending methods are, which an elder law attorney will know and be able to discuss with you and your parent. Your elder law attorney will also be available to finalize transactions with your parent. If your parent wants to pay for services, your attorney will be sure that these services are both legal and financially reasonable. 
  2. Resolve Family Disputes:  Family disputes often arise when a parent becomes elderly because siblings and other relatives have differing opinions on the type of care they need. Disputes also occur over financial matters. Whatever kind of dispute is going on, an elderly law attorney can be there to mediate and help resolve the issue. 
  3. Handle Age Discrimination in the Workplace: If your elderly parent has been fired or laid off from their job because of age discrimination, your elderly law attorney will be able to represent your parent in court to fight for their job back or to receive compensation from the employer who let them go. Age discrimination is illegal since your parent has a right to continue working until their health prohibits them. Age discrimination lawsuits can also be pursued by your parent and your elder law attorney in the case that there has been favoritism or promotions for younger employees over your parent because of their age. 
  4. Help With Medicaid: Most elderly people have Medicaid because they are eligible for it once they reach a certain age. Applying for Medicaid and handling payments is often a task the elderly have problems with and an elder law attorney can help with this process. An elder law attorney can also help settle disputes with your parent's health care and ensure that, if your parent needs to file a disability claim, it will be filed and handled properly. 

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