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Two Common Questions About Traffic Violations Answered

Driving is an act that many people will seldom give a second thought. However, if you violate one of the many traffic laws, you can find yourself facing expensive fines and higher insurance premiums. For those that have recently gotten their first traffic ticket, learning these two questions and answers will help you to be better prepared for what to expect from this process.

Will A Traffic Violation Always Permanently Result In Higher Insurance Rates?

There is a common misconception that being written a traffic ticket will automatically result in your insurance premiums increasing. While this can certainly be one of the outcomes of this event, there are ways to minimize any potential impacts to your insurance. One of the more effective ways to prevent this outcome is to enroll in a defensive driving course. These courses will provide you with a comprehensive review of traffic safety laws, and you will be required to take a test at the end of the course. Many insurance companies will offer multi-year discounts for individuals that enroll in these courses, which can help to keep your insurance premiums low.

What Happens If You Fail To Pay Your Traffic Ticket?

Unfortunately, some individuals may attempt to avoid paying the fine associated with their traffic ticket. However, law enforcement and the courts have a number of ways to force individuals to pay these fines. For example, it is possible for the courts to revoke your ability to drive, issue a warrant for arrest, increase the fines owed or even garnish wages. Due to these potentially serious consequences, it is critical for you to make sure that you pay these fines on time.  

Sadly, there are some individuals that may encounter financial problems that make it impossible for them to make these payments on time. In these situations, it will be necessary for these individuals to contact the court to make payment arrangements. There are many jurisdictions where it is possible for individuals to be given an extension on the due date for these fines. You will need to provide the court with an explanation for your need of more time, but this can be a minor inconvenience to ensure that you do not face serious penalties for paying these penalties late. Contact a lawyer, like Drew F Davis, for more guidance.

If you had the misfortune of being stopped and given a traffic ticket, it is important to understand the potential consequences of this event. By realizing that defensive driving school can help minimize effects on your insurance and the serious consequences of paying these penalties late, you can help protect yourself against some of the repercussions of committing a traffic violation.