Personal Injury Cases: Moving on to Better Things

Is Someone Trying To Take Legal Action Against You For A Fight? Blindside Them With A Counter Case

If you were in a fight and the other person involved is trying to sue you for their various injuries, you want to hire a criminal lawyer right away. The evidence that you have for the case may be time sensitive, so it's important that you hire the lawyer right away.

Criminal charges could prevent you from getting a job in many fields, getting approved to rent an apartment and more. Here are a few things you'll want to try to get for your lawyer for your meeting.

Video Evidence

Is there video evidence to show that the other person started the altercation, that they are exaggerating the injuries that they have, or that you would also have grounds to sue them for your own personal injuries? If so, you need to talk with the manager at the establishment where the altercation took place.  You must see if they have the incident on tape. There are outdoor security cameras on ATM machines, stop lights and more, so you may be surprised to find out that that there is video evidence to help your case.

Medical Reports

Are your medical injuries much more significant than the other person that was involved in the fight? Get a list of your injuries and bring all of the medical results, bills and statements from the altercation to show that you are equally injured, or that your injuries are worse and more severe.

Eye Witnesses

Are there eye witnesses that are willing to write a statement or come to court on your behalf? Are they willing to say that you weren't the one who started the fight and that instead you were the one who was defending themselves against the abuse? An eye witness is some of the best evidence you can have for the case.

Once your lawyer compiles all of the necessary information they can talk with the lawyer representing the person who has filed the claim. If you have a counter case they may choose to drop the entire thing so they don't have to go to court. If you have grounds to sue them, and it looks like you would win against them, you may decide that you're the one who wants to press charges because of the ordeal. As soon as you find out that someone is taking legal action for a physical altercation against you, you need a criminal defense law firm like Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices