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3 Ways To Legally Divorce

The challenges of being married just prove to be too overwhelming for some people. This can frequently lead to divorce. If your marriage is headed in this direction, you will want to know your options. Choosing the best divorce to end your legal union can lead to less stress and a quicker resolution for you. By understanding the various types of divorces to choose from, this can help you stay better informed if you're in this situation. 

Contested divorce

If you wish to end the marriage and your spouse doesn't, you will have to choose the contested divorce. This is a much more complicated divorce and listed below are some of the disadvantages of it:

1. Higher legal fees – You will be forced to pay more legal fees because it will typically take longer to resolve the marriage.

2. Going to court – The chances are much higher that you will need to have your marriage dissolved in court. This will assist with the decisions on how the property should be divided.

3. Public – Your divorce will be on public record for any person to be able to see.

Uncontested divorce

One of the easiest ways to end your marriage may be with an uncontested divorce. This will allow you and your spouse to decide together how the property will be divided and other critical things that need to be discussed if you divorce.

However, in order to obtain an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse must both want to end the union. 

At-Fault Divorce

There are many situations that can lead to a divorce that is simply due to the actions of one spouse. If this is your situation, you may need to file an at-fault divorce.

Listed below are some reasons to select this way to divorce:

1. Abuse – If you've been abused in your relationship.

2. Adultery – If your spouse has engaged in sexual intercourse with another person.

3. Incarceration – If the person you married to is forced to serve time in prison.

Keep in mind that you will need to have proof of any wrongdoing by your spouse to obtain this divorce.

Dealing with a divorce is sure to be a stressful time for any couple. It's ideal to rely on the expertise of a family lawyer (such as one from Knollmeyer Law Office) if you're involved in an unfortunate situation such as this and need legal advice to end your marriage.