Personal Injury Cases: Moving on to Better Things

3 Tips For Making Mediation Successful

The challenges of being involved in a legal dispute are many. Civil litigation is a long process that can also be a very emotional one. However, you may be given the opportunity to settle your case outside of the courtroom at mediation. This is a court ordered event that both the plaintiff and defendant must attend to attempt to settle the case. Being aware of specific tips for making this a less stressful time and a more productive one, you may have the opportunity to end the dispute at mediation. 

Tip #1:  Choose the right mediator

The mediator you select to help you attempt to settle your case will play an important role in whether or not your case will settle. The individual you choose should be well-trained and have the proper licensing to conduct the mediation. 

Additionally, it's ideal to choose a mediator that has a lot of experience and past success in meditation.

Tip #2: Know your bottom number

If you're the plaintiff if the case, you should be prepared in advance by knowing how much the legal dispute has cost you. It's a good idea to make a list of your expenses and have these with you on the day of mediation.  

On the other hand, if you're the defendant, you should know the most you're willing to pay to get the case settled. By knowing your bottom line before attending this important meeting, this may assist you in having a greater amount of success.

Tip #3:  Meet with your attorney

One of the best ways to prepare you completely for mediation is by meeting with your attorney. This will allow you to ask some questions about this legal meeting.

Listed below are some questions to ask:

1. How long does the mediation typically last?

2. Is it possible to bring a family member of a friend for support?

3. How many people will attend the mediation?

4. What do you think the amount should for settling the case?

5. Where will the mediation be held?

The key to having success when attempting to settle your case is by knowing what to do beforehand. Mediation is an ideal time to end the legal dispute and allow you to move on with your life in the process. Be sure to rely on the expertise of a personal injury attorney that can guide you through this process with the most ease.