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Questions Employees Should Ask Before Signing A Non-Compete Agreement

If you have just been hired for a new job, it's possible you will be asked to sign a non-compete agreement. In this agreement, you will agree to not work for your company's competition within a certain radius for a specified amount of time. Before you sign this agreement, there are some very important questions you should ask.

Where Does the Agreement Apply?

Part of a non-compete agreement is the predetermined radius in which you are allowed to look for work within the same industry. This means that you will not be able to find a similar job at another company if it is close by. Pay close attention to the radius stated by your agreement, as it can be very difficult to obtain employment if the radius is too large. Some agreements may require a statewide regional radius. If this is the case in your agreement, you should ask to renegotiate those terms or refuse to sign the agreement until you have your attorney examine it.

Is it Possible to Work for Any Company After Leaving the Current Company?

Sometimes non-compete agreements state specifically which companies they do not want their employees working for in the future. If your agreement does not state which companies you may not seek employment with, be sure to ask. If the employer provides you with names of companies, have them amend the agreement to include them.

How Long is the Agreement?

You should also find out how long the agreement will last. This will include the length of time that must pass before you can move on to a competing company. The terms of the agreement will vary from business to business, but take note that the longer the agreement, the more time you will not be able to find a job in your chosen industry if it falls into the radius specified by your company.

What Happens if You Are Terminated?

The next thing to find out is what happens if you are terminated from the company. Depending on your departure, whether you are leaving on your own or if you are fired, you may be stuck when job searching if you are tied to your non-compete agreement. If this is not addressed in your non-compete, be sure to have this clarified before you sign it.

It is imperative to be completely aware of what your non-compete agreement says in order to fully protect yourself. If you feel as if your non-compete agreement is too restrictive, you can request to renegotiate the terms to something more reasonable. For more information, contact Carter West Law or a similar firm.