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Getting Help from a Lawyer after a Slip & Fall Injury

Do you have severe back pain after falling on a wet floor in a supermarket or other business? A back injury can be expensive to treat, so you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to find out if you can receive compensation from the owner of the business. Find out in this article how an injury lawyer can help you get paid by filing a lawsuit, as well as the kind of fees you might have to pay for the service.

What Happens during the Process of a Lawyer Assisting a Slip & Fall Victim?

A lawyer will need details of the slip and fall injury during your initial consultation, as it will give him or her an idea of whether or not you have a strong case against the business owner. For instance, the lawyer will ask you if there was a sign posted to warn customers about the water on the floor. It is important for you to be completely honest during the consultation so your lawyer can properly prepare for the defense lawyer's argument against you. Leaving out details can also hurt your credibility in court.

Your lawyer will visit the business to investigate the incident. He or she will ask the store staff for a copy of the video surveillance tape from the day of the incident if it is available. If video surveillance can't be obtained, your lawyer will attempt to locate people who may have witnessed the incident. As a part of building your case, the lawyer will ask for your medical records, evidence of time missed from work, and a document from your physician that outlines your treatment plan.

Before the lawyer takes your case to court, he or she will ask the supermarket owner if settling the case through mediation is okay. If the owner agrees to mediation, you might get compensated faster than going through a court battle that can possibly take a long time before a settlement is reached. If you win the case, you can get money for your expenses related to the accident, including these:

  • Counseling
  • Lost wages
  • Pain & suffering
  • Current & future medical expenses

What is an Injury Lawyer Estimated to Charge?

It is likely that you won't be charged any money in advance because injury lawyers often work on a contingency basis. Basically, the lawyer will only get paid if you win the slip and fall lawsuit. You will then have to give the lawyer an estimate of 25% or more of what you win. Don't delay contacting a lawyer so you can get paid for your back injury! Speak with a representative from a firm like Geoffrey S. Gulinson & Associates PC for more information.