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3 Tips To Avoid Getting Injured In A Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle is a lot of fun to ride. However, getting in an accident is much less fun. Unlike in a car accident, you don't have a lot of protection around you when you have an accident on a motorcycle. It is even more important that you, as a motorcycle rider, pay even more attention when you are driving than a car driver would. There are a few tips that you can follow that can help you minimize your risk of accident.

1. Watch the wheels, not the car:  You may not be able to read the other driver's mind, but you can learn to read the signs their car is putting out. The best way to predict what the car is going to do is to watch the wheels. If the wheels start turning your way, then you can start to take preventative measures. Watching the wheels lets you be proactive and start to protect yourself, instead of reacting to what the car is doing. Even the warning of a few seconds can keep you from having an accident. 

2. Be aware of blind spots: While you may not have blind spots, a car does. Your motorcycle fits neatly in those blind spots. That makes it very easy for a driver to change their lane and run right into you. It's your job to make sure that you aren't in their blind spots. That will mean that you need to make sure that you have plenty of space in between you and the other driver. Make sure that you aren't following them closely. You also need to make sure that you aren't right on their bumper if you are in the lane next to them. That will put you right where they can't see you. 

3. Wear protective gear: Wearing a helmet is the law in many states, and there is a good reason for that. You are more likely to survive an accident if you are wearing a helmet. The more protective gear you are wearing, the more likely you are to minimize your injuries in the case of an accident. Leather clothes, gloves, and a full face helmet are your best bet. 

If you have been in an accident, and have been seriously injured, you may be entitled to money for your pain and suffering as well as money for your medical costs. You may need to see a motorcycle accident attorney to help you get the money that you deserve.