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3 Tips For Legally Protecting Yourself When In A Car Accident

Being in a car accident can be very serious. Some people are seriously hurt when they are in an accident, which is why so many people choose to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you are in a car accident there are a couple things that you should and shouldn't do to make sure that you are protecting yourself. Here are a couple things you should know:

1. Don't Sign Any Releases

After an accident an insurance company or the other party may ask you to sign some documents. You should never sign anything that has a release in it. In that release it might state that you cannot sue them for any damages in the accident and that you release them of responsibility.

Instead, if you get a release you should take it to a personal injury attorney to look at it. They might tell you that you "have to" sign it, but you don't have to do anything. Just tell them you need to take the documents, have them looked at, and then you will sign them if everything checks out. If you don't do this you could easily sign away your rights to get restitution for damages.

2. Get Insurance Information From The Other Party

Many times when you file a personal injury lawsuit, you will go through the insurance companies. You can either petition to your own insurance provider, or you will file through the other party's insurance. Don't expect the other party to fight on your behalf with their insurance. This is something that you should take into your own hands.

When you get in a car accident you should get the persons name, license plate number, phone number and insurance information. This will help you to get the cost of damages for the accident.

3. Take As Many Pictures As Possible

After the accident it is important that you record as much as possible. You should take pictures of the cars, any injuries that you have, location of the accident and anything else that seems relevant. This is important because if there is a dispute about damages, who caused the accident, where it was etc., you can use the pictures to help get to the truth. Don't expect the police to get all of the necessary photos. You are just as capable of documenting it.

By understanding what you should and shouldn't do in a car accident you can protect yourself.