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4 "Context Clues" A Car Crash Attorney Might Look At

Personal injury attorneys looking at motor vehicle accidents look at the full context of what happened on the road. Representing their clients, the injury victims, in court, they try to figure out whether any kind of third-party responsibility or negligence was involved, and who may be responsible for compensating the victim.

Were Adequate Driving Safety Practices Maintained?

In looking at an auto collision, a car accident attorney might ask whether traffic patterns around the accident were reasonable. Were the right number of car lengths maintained between vehicles to prevent collision and injury? Were traffic speed limits complied with? These are all reasonable questions in a car accident case where someone was harmed.

Were Safety Precautions in Place?

Injury attorneys will also look at whether there was adequate signage and safety precautions set up for any obstacles that could have contributed to an accident. For example, where a tractor trailer is parked on the shoulder or protruding into the road there should be a series of lights and/or flares to direct traffic around that obstacle. Other precautions include warning signage for road construction work or changing traffic patterns.

Was Cargo Controlled?

Another major thing that injury lawyers will look at is whether any vehicle's cargo became untethered from the vehicle, and became an obstacle on the road. This can be something as small as a piece of cardboard or garbage falling off of a small pickup truck or other vehicle, or it could be large cargo loads that scattered across the road, or even something like livestock that, once out of the vehicle, presents a moving hazard. Injury lawyers have to look at whether any type of freight that was improperly controlled contributed to an accident.

Were Business Fleet Practices Complied With?

Businesses may have specific transportation policies in accordance with their business insurance contracts. Where these are not complied with--for example, where a vehicle operator is improperly impaired or using a mobile device inappropriately--there may be a significant influence on a car accident case. Car crash attorneys will look at these kinds of details as well, to determine how to represent their victims in local courts.

Injury victims can rely on qualified, experienced auto collision attorneys to help them to recover money for the costs of medical bills, lost wages and more, in addition to pain and suffering that they experience after an accident. Having good legal representation helps to protect the family's finances after an auto accident injury.